"Robert Thorne has been a guitar tutor at the International French School of Sydney for 2 years. He is a through and experienced teacher and his students have all great progress.
His own enthusiasm and genuine enjoyment in teaching children is reflected in his students' attitude and he is the most popular teacher."

- Prue Freiinger
Arts Coordinator, The International French School of Sydney

"Robert Thorne has a broad knowledge classic popular music, infectious passion, great skill, and an easygoing manner. After just 3 or 4 years of tuition with Rob our son, Marcellus, was offered a highly sought after place at Newtown High School of the Performing Arts and most of the credit for that belongs to Robert Thorne. He is just an outstanding guitar tutor.

- Rik Jurcevic & Belinda Mravicic

"In 2003 I competed in the Sydney Grammar eisteddfod taking out first place in the guitar section with Santana's classic 'Europa', a song Robert taught me in our weekly lessons. Although a popular performance song, the particularities and nuances of musical style, beyond the realms of just guitar were essential and were informed by Robert's teaching. In my HSC year I continued using these skills in my Music 1 course where I also had to perform on guitar. The result was a NSW state mark of 99%, 3rd in the state. These accreditation's, as well as my continued passion for playing guitar stand testimony to Robert's guitar teaching skills"

- Karl Fernandes

"Robert Thorne was my guitar teacher for over a year. In the space of that year, my abilities as both a musician and a guitarist increased drastically. Before Robert, I had limited technical skills, but under his teaching, I quickly learnt to play songs and solos from legendary guitarists such as Stevie Ray Vaughan, Eric Clapton, Jimi Hendrix, Gary Moore, Richie Blackmore, Peter Green and many, many others. Since I was concurrently doing my HSC where I was enrolled in Music 2 (Advanced Music), Robert expertly helped me pick songs that would be appropriate for a course which is heavily based on Jazz and Classical music. In Robert's weekly classes, I learnt an amazing Santana solo, and achieved the top mark in Music 2, above students who played level 7 classical piano and violin! Thank you Robert Thorne!"

- Tristan Meyers

"I picked Robert Thorne from the yellow pages, as I didn't really know anyone else in the area to ask for a recommendation. A year later, we can't believe how lucky we were with our choice. Robert teaches both my children together (boys aged 8 and 10), and is able to balance their different abilities easily. The amount that they have learnt in a year, having never picked up a guitar before, amazes me. They are absolutely loving it - they rarely have to be reminded to practice because they just love playing every day anyway. Robert teaches partly by having them listen and watch, and partly by reading music - he is very intuitive in gauging how much they can learn and how to get the best out of them. He has taught them a fantastic repertoire of guitar classics that match their ability and taste perfectly. As a classically trained musician myself, it has been incredibly rewarding to listen to them, and see them develop a love of music, which has also given them more confidence in general. My oldest has done a number of solo performances with his school, and loves the recognition he gets from his peers and teachers, and the opportunity to play with groups; to achieve this in just a year is amazing."

- Helen Hamlin

"Robert Thorne has been our guitar teacher for five years. My three sons have all been taught to play by Robert and are all accomplished players as a result of his excellent tuition. The two oldest boys recently accompanied my youngest son in his HSC Music 1 Practical examination where he performed four pieces and achieved outstanding marks: 20/20,18/20,19/20 and 20/20. That says it all really."

- Paul Noonan

"How lucky we were to find such a fabulous guitar and music teacher. We are amazed at how quickly Billy (9yrs) has learnt to play so well - and with a vast repertoire! Robert seems to have the ability to tap into and ignite such a love of learning the guitar, that we never struggle to get Billy to practise. I highly recommend Sydney Guitar Tuition to anyone (young or old) looking for an inspiring guitar/music teacher."

- Electra Manikakis

"My daughter Cara has attended lessons with Rob Thorne for over two years. Cara started with Rob when she was 14 years old and has enjoyed every lesson. From the start Rob ensured that Cara always felt that she was learning and it was a positive experience. Cara had just taken up guitar so it was an exponential learning curve. Rob's patience and knowledge and his consistent calm manner made each lesson a pleasure. "

- Deborah Terley | Position Realty

"My daughter has been receiving guitar lessons with Sydney Guitar Tuition for the past year. She was a beginner and I can highly recommend Robert's teaching style for children. He has a gentle and very compassionate approach and has nurtured a love of guitar playing in my daughter. I can highly recommend Robert in terms of his professionalism, excellent teaching style and his clear passion for guitar playing "

- Hassia and Mitch Lichtman

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